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5.5.1 Working with Connetics in the Christchurch CBD

The rebuild of Christchurch’s Central Business District (CBD) is ramping up and Connetics is busy working with developers to ensure that the practicalities of getting their new buildings connected to the network are fully understood and are delivered without unnecessary delays.

Due to the increased demand for this service, Connetics has established a team dedicated to providing practical solutions for developers. The team has the capability to provide a complete service for clients, from design through to contracting services.

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5.5.2 Getting connected in the CBD

The network in Christchurch’s CBD suffered significant damage during the earthquakes and as a result, Orion has had to rebuild its infrastructure. 

Connecting new buildings is a specialist task that requires careful forward planning.  The Connections team work with consultants to develop designs specific to the changing landscape of Christchurch.

Involving the Connections team early in the design phase of development will pay massive dividends in efficiently delivering the project. This ensures that realistic expectations are set, minimising the risk of delays to the project. The Connections team can provide the appropriate mix of skills for any given project and ensure developments are supported by the right infrastructure.

The Connections team can engage with Design + Engineering at Connetics to work with customers who wish to tender their construction work separately from the design. Connetics’ design or project management services can be utilised independent of operational services. These services include obtaining network operator approvals, evaluation, and providing recommendations on the tender process for construction.

If you’d like to know more about our Connections service, contact us today.

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