Contracting services

5:4:High Voltage & Industrial

High-voltage substation and kiosk efficiency is essential in electricity supply. Connetics’ experience in design, construction, installation, and maintenance of these assets is second to none.

High Voltage Industrial 3




Our experience in installation and maintenance ranges from single PC-based systems with one RTU to large, distributed multi-processor systems with many large RTUs. This enables us to provide a full range of SCADA design, programming, installation and maintenance services.

Ripple Control

Our expertise extends to designing, installing, maintaining and commissioning load control methods using HV ripple injection. We also offer a range of test services for injection plants. 

Substation Installation & Maintenance

All utilities require regular maintenance. Connetics has been designing and implementing preventative maintenance programmes for many years. True expertise also exists in the construction of substations, from small kiosks through to 66kV ‘greenfield’ projects.

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Transformer and Switchgear Maintenance

Reconditioning may be more cost effective than replacement, but must be based on regular monitoring. Connetics offer a full range of transformer services including half life servicing, upgrading, tank and radiator repairs and modifications, tap change maintenance or replacement, core maintenance and oil maintenance.

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5.4.2 Technical services


Calibration and Certification

Connetics has specialist facilities for testing and calibrating insulation testers, multi-meters, and HV voltmeters, as well as a purpose-built HV test laboratory for testing live line sticks, gloves and tools. 

Network testing

Connetics has invested both in the development of specialised plant and expertise for locating faults in cable systems. This cost-effective service reduces network downtime and repair costs. 

Control & Protection System Testing

Key to maintaining a reliable and stable network is a robust control and protection system. Connetics can design, commission, install and maintain such systems, or simply provide advice and/or fault finding services.

Equipment Testing

Connetics has many years experience in the operation and maintenance of HV and LV systems and equipment. We regularly undertake audits for our clients and develop proactive and reactive maintenance programmes to ensure both compliance and minimisation of the impact of unscheduled outages.


5.4.3 Supporting industries

Major infrastructure projects require specialised technical expertise network reliability and stability. Connetics is one of few companies in the industry who can deliver an end-to-end capability in this area, including equipment design and material supply, construction, installation and maintenance.