Contracting services


Today’s challenge for network operators is to meet their customers’ expectations of a continuous and reliable supply of electricity, whether it be down-town or in remote areas accessible only by helicopter. Our highly skilled live line teams are continually being expanded to meet ever-increasing demand.

“Connetics have provided us excellent service under very tight timeframes, on a complex hill site. They deployed a large contingent of staff so the work would get completed as fast as possible which met the needs of us, their client.  Thanks Connetics.”
- Helen Eskett, Stand Children's Services

Our expertise covers the design and construction of overhead lines up to 66kV.

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Orion-66kV-Springston-to-Brookside-Project.pdf (112 KB)

In addition to this, we have dedicated teams involved in preventative and reactive maintenance programmes including structure refurbishment, line re-insulation and pole replacement. 

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Vector-Pole-Replacement-Programme.pdf (127 KB)

Our people are also at the forefront in glove and barrier and hot stick line techniques.