Contracting services


Connetics’ reputation for installation of underground cable is regarded as one of the most comprehensive services available. The combination of our experience, specialised equipment and turn-key approach makes projects in even the most challenging of environments feasible.

Our breadth of capability allows for the co-ordinated installation of services such as ducting, power, telecommunications and other services. As well as traditional open cut methods, Connetics provides a range of trench-less solutions.

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5.1.1 Civil

Connetics is vastly experienced in open-cut trenching across a wide range of ground conditions, including congested areas. Our capabilities include the installation of underground vaults, pedestals, and specialist jointing and cable-hauling chambers; together with the installation of varying duct structures ranging from large rigid ducts to chambers and micro ducts.  

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Middleton-Substation-66kV-Upgrade.pdf  (154 KB)
Harewood-Road-Underground-Project.pdf  (135 KB)

Earthing Systems

We have an expert team working exclusively on installation, maintenance and testing of earthing systems. This team has developed a specialised truck-mounted rig for driving earth rods up to 30 metres deep.


5.1.2 Fibre

Connetics is highly experienced in the installation and maintenance of UHF, VHF and Fibre systems. 

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Pegasus-Town-Fibre-to-the-Home.pdf  (143 KB)


5.1.3 Cable install

Connetics has specialist plant and expertise to move a wide range of cable types, from high-capacity power cables to light-weight telecommunications cables. Methods range from winching, using load limiting devices, to blowing and suction methods for fibre cables. 

Air Excavation System

Developed for non-destructive excavation the air excavation system is well suited to larger excavations around multiple services.  The non-invasive system ensures minimal disruption to the root systems of trees and shrubs. 

Utility Locating

This non-intrusive approach is used primarily for the location of under ground power cables and is highly effective in detecting below ground services such as drainage, water and gas pipes, and telecommunication cables.

The Connetics Utility Locating team has over twenty years combined experience and uses the principle of electromagnetic surveying to aid in the location and mapping of underground utilities.

Cable Joint and Termination

Connetics is well versed in the development of innovative jointing techniques that extend beyond standard XLPE and paper insulated lead, aluminium and plastic-sheathed distribution cables to high-voltage flexible rubber mining cables, oil-filled cables up to 66kV and telecommunication cables.