Design + engineering


Connetics is a specialist in power and communication reticulation designer. Our understanding of the practicalities of construction and maintenance lead to better designs, that are fit for purpose.

Our service includes planning and route design, obtaining consents and easements, managing property purchases and legal issues. We also co-ordinate multiple utilities to ensure that overall construction is carried out in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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Overhead lines

We offer complete design solutions including pole specification, strength and size of poles, span and sag calculation, and conductor selection

Underground Services

We can design for underground distribution plant on any scale, including power cables, communication cables, underground service vaults, and duct and pipe systems involving trenching or by using trenchless systems 

Protection and Control

Connetics can custom design solutions for complex protection and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems for electrical and other utility systems.


Our service includes designs ranging from small neighbourhood substations to major zone substations. This includes equipment design and specification, technical investigation, preparation of construction drawings, and contract documents.


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Whether you are a large property developer or simply wish to subdivide your section, Connetics will provide electrical reticulation designs to meet local requirements. This includes obtaining power authority approvals, preparation of construction drawings and technical specifications, lighting requirements, and co-ordination of other utilities. Our service can be extended to provide civil design and construction of roading through our partnerships with civil contractors.

“Connetics have been working with us for the last two years in our three residential developments and as a result of the work completed to date are now one of our preferred suppliers. We have found Connetics to be responsive to our needs, have worked in seamlessly with the numerous other contractors on site, and have taken care when installing power supplies and streetlights to not damage other completed work in the areas they have been working. We look forward to Connetics being part of our development team over the coming years.”
-  Greg Dewe, land development Manager, Fulton Hogan