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News Connetics welcomes a Smart PTO 22 APRIL 2022

Ko au te awa ko te awa ko au - I am the river; the river is me.

This year, we are proud to support the #InvestInOurPlanet campaign, in celebration of the 52nd anniversary of Earth Day.

An example of our commitment to investing in sustainability initiatives is our recent addition of a Smart PTO into our fleet, to lower carbon emissions. Alongside Orion NZ, we have set an ambitious target to reduce our emissions by 50% by 2030.

A Smart PTO is an electric power take-off that uses batteries to supply power to the elevated work platform (EWP) to eliminate idling during operation. After an easy installation and simply connecting the unit to the hydraulic system, the Smart PTO is ready to go. This allows the vehicle to be turned off and therefore eliminates the carbon emissions caused by the high-idling otherwise required to operate the EWP. Since the installation, we have avoided producing ~1.5 tonnes of carbon equivalent (tCO₂e).

At Connetics, we are working on sustainability initiatives that incorporate rethinking our systems and education. We are excited to take this journey in a way that is transparent and backed by science. Head to our Sustainability page to learn more.