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Electrical Infrastructure for Decarbonisation

Powering Lincoln University's Sustainable Heating Transformation. Connetics designed and upgraded the 11kV network to support the installation of electric boilers, facilitating the decommissioning of coal boilers. Our collaborative approach between the Green Grid design and construction teams ensured seamless implementation and minimised disruptions.

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Te Pae2

Te Pae Christchurch Convention Centre

Our Reticulation Team crafted a tailored electrical solution for this iconic venue, featuring a 6.5MVA connection and multiple sources of 11kV power supply. Through collaboration with Orion and meticulous planning, we ensured safe construction practices and minimised disruptions.

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Enhancing Resilience and Aesthetics: Overhead Line Replacement Project

With the goal of improving network resilience, reducing incidents, and enhancing visual appeal, our construction and Overhead Design teams collaborated to deliver a successful tender and build. Discover the key factors behind this project's success, from feasibility analysis and custom steel pole solutions to detailed 3D drawings and strategic staging plans.

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