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News Powering Tīrama Mai 2024 14 JUNE 2024

Orion Group is proud to be powering Tīrama Mai, Ōtautahi Christchurch’s annual winter festival of light for the second year.

Tīrama Mai celebrates Puaka-Matariki—the Māori New Year and the onset of winter—with a breathtaking display of light and sound.

As Principal Partners, Orion and Connetics will provide the necessary power connections to illuminate the event hub at Te Matatiki Toi Ora, The Arts Centre, Worcester Boulevard, Riverside Market, and Te Pae by the Ōtakaro Avon River.

Whakapapa lies at the heart of Matariki, explaining the creation of all things: stars, earth, sky, oceans, rivers, elements, minerals, plants, animals, and all people. Tīrama Mai is a unique light festival in Ōtautahi, Christchurch, celebrating Māori arts and honoring Matariki—the Māori New Year.

“Tīrama Mai is a wonderful way to celebrate Te Tau Hou Māori with whānau and friends, and see installations from some of Ōtautahi Christchurch’s brightest artists. We’re thrilled to be able to help bring the powerful stories of Puaka and Matariki to life with these immersive installations,” says Orion External Engagement Lead James Harding.

“We invite our community to come out and celebrate Puaka-Matariki at this free event.”

‘Tīrama Mai – Bringing the Light’ runs from Friday 21 June, Saturday 30 June nightly from 5pm - 10pm. It is proudly produced by Christchurch City Council and powered by Orion and Connetics.

Create Your Own Light Show in the Spirit of Tīrama Mai!

We're excited to celebrate Matariki at Tīrama Mai with you. We’ve got 12,000 light-up yo-yos to give away!

Come and see us at the Orion and Connetics lightbox on Friday 21 June, Saturday 22 June, Thursday 27 June, and Friday 28 June.

We'll be there between 6pm – 8pm so you can grab a yo-yo and join the fun.

Mastering the yo-yo

  • Holding the yo-yo - firstly make sure the string is wrapped all the way around the yo-yo axle. Grip the yo-yo in your dominant hand with your thumb on top and your index finger underneath.
  • Throw it down - hold the yo-yo with the string hanging down. Flick it downward and release, keeping your wrist straight.
  • Let it spin - as the yo-yo descends, let the string unwind fully to reach its full length and momentum.
  • Bring it back - to bring the yo-yo back up, tug the string gently just as it reaches the end of its descent. The yo-yo should bounce back to your hand. Experiment with the timing and force of your tug to get it right.
  • Practice makes perfect - yo-yoing takes practice! Start with simple tricks before moving on to advanced techniques. We’ve included some below to help you get started!
  • Stay safe - be mindful of your surroundings, especially indoors or around others. Avoid throwing the yo-yo too forcefully to prevent accidents.
  • Have fun! Most importantly, have fun! Yo-yoing is a great way to relax, express yourself, and impress your friends. Don’t get discouraged – keep practising and enjoy the journey!