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Specialists in electrical reticulation design.

Our Electrical Reticulation Design Team is a group of skilled professionals specialised in the design of electrical networks, from low voltage to 66kV sub-transmission level. With many years of in-house technical expertise in designing electrical networks, we apply our knowledge to design, optimise and reinforce distribution networks as they expand, ensuring they can support resilient and reliable future load growth.

In addition to network designing skills, we have extensive knowledge and experience in designing new connections and connection upgrades for a wide range of customer requests, covering small residential developments to large industrial or commercial customers such as mega EV charging hubs.

Our team works closely with clients to ensure a thorough understanding of their requirements from day one and deliver solutions in a cost and time-effective manner, following industry standards and best practices, along with utilising the latest emerging technologies.

Our specialised skills include:

  • Low Voltage and High Voltage Network Expansion
  • Network Reinforcements
  • Residential, Commercial and Industrial Subdivisions
  • Connections for High-Density Housing
  • Connection Upgrades for EV Chargers and Decarbonisation Projects
  • Network Alterations due to a Developer of Local Authority Roading Changes
  • 33kV and 66kV Underground Cable Route Feasibility Studies