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News Bringing Smart Poles to Christchurch: Kōtuitui Smart Poles

We are thrilled to announce the successful installation of two cutting-edge Kōtuitui Smart Poles at the picturesque and beloved Naval Point in Lyttelton. As a leading innovator in the field, Connetics took charge of the design, procurement, and construction of these remarkable smart poles and their integrated systems.

The Kōtuitui Smart Poles at Naval Point offer an array of advanced features that are set to transform the recreational experience and enhance the overall well-being of the community. With an unwavering commitment to both functionality and convenience, these smart poles have been meticulously engineered to meet the evolving needs of a modern, connected world.

One of the standout features of these poles is the provision of a free Wi-Fi network, extending seamless connectivity to those visiting the site.

Ensuring the safety and security of individuals is paramount, which is why the Kōtuitui Smart Poles are equipped with:

  • CCTV cameras.
  • Pedestrian counters
  • Speakers
  • Smart Lighting

Connetics takes immense pride in spearheading projects that not only showcase our technical expertise but also contribute to the holistic development of vibrant, future-ready cities.

The installation of the Kōtuitui Smart Poles at Naval Point is yet another testament to our unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and creating intelligent urban environments that inspire and uplift. Join us as we embark on this transformative journey, one smart pole at a time.

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