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News Christchurch City Council: Transforming Victoria Street and Hereford Street

Our Lighting Team received a special request from the Christchurch City Council (CCC) to enhance the beauty of the trees along Victoria Street. The idea was to provide an enhancing lighting effect to the tree pots. To fulfil this vision, our team strategically employed RGBW linear products at the base of each tree pot, along with the implementation of RGBW projectors. The result is a mesmerizing display that adds a touch of magic to Victoria Street.

CCC also wanted to accentuate the streetscape of Hereford Street, specifically, the benches that run along it. By integrating linear RGBW products at the top section of each bench, our Lighting Team achieved an elegant washing effect on either side of the benches. This addition created a remarkable vertical lighting effect, setting these benches apart and imbuing the area with its unique charm.

Despite budgetary constraints, our lighting team successfully implemented a cutting-edge wireless DMX system, eliminating the need for data cables and significantly reducing the number of playback controllers required. This smart solution was not only cost-effective but also ensured seamless control over the feature lighting. To further enhance accessibility and future-proof the system, our team has integrated both sites into a cloud service, enabling remote monitoring and effortless adjustment of colour schemes.

The exceptional results of these projects exemplify our lighting team’s dedication to delivering unparalleled lighting solutions that transform spaces into captivating destinations.

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