News Electrical Infrastructure for Decarbonisation

Lincoln University owns and operates a private 11kV network and is upgrading the campus network to modernise and decarbonise its heating system. The end goal is to de‑commission their coal boilers which currently provide heating to buildings. Connetics designed and installed the electrical infrastructure upgrades required to support the new electric boilers.

The Lincoln University private 11kV network redesign required upgrades of several 11kV RMUs, 11kV cabling, 11/0.4kV transformers, LV boards, and supporting systems such as protection, communications, arc flash, civil, structural, and earthing.

Throughout the design process, our Green Grid design team collaborated closely with our construction team to ensure that all aspects of the project were well considered. From the outset, our team recognised the importance of involving our construction partners in the process to ensure that the final product would meet the client’s needs and requirements. Many topics were reviewed, including potential outages, constructability issues, maintenance procedures, and required operations. By working hand in hand with our build team, our Green Grid team can identify potential challenges early on and develop strategies to address them.

Connetics has successfully planned and completed the work at several sites on time, working with the University to minimise disruption to their operations.

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