News Enhancing Resilience and Aesthetics: Overhead Line Replacement Project

Aurora’s existing three 33kV circuits and underbuilt 11/66kV line running from Halfway Bush and Berwick were nearing the end of their life, physically and electrically. These lines were up for replacement to provide greater network resilience and minimise vehicle vs. pole incidents, project costs, and aesthetic appearances. The decision was to replace the three circuits with two circuits that have larger conductors and more than double the spacing of the existing support structures.

Our construction team, along with our Overhead Design team, worked to deliver a constructible package that has led to the successful tender and build of the first stage of this project. Due to the size and complexity of this work, multiple components contributed to the success of this project. The feasibility analysis and route selection at the start of the project helped guide the project direction. This led to a custom steel pole solution with site-specific 3D drawings to meet the design criteria while also mitigating the challenging environmental conditions discovered.

Important deliverables:

· Overhead line structural models for undulating terrain.

· Site-specific 3D pole drawing, including soil-dependent flange-mounted foundations.

· Detailed working drawing showing the route of the proposed line.

· Staging plans to minimise outage effects.

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