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News Norwood GXP: Orion's Greenfield GXP Project (under construction)

Norwood GXP marks a significant milestone for Orion as their first greenfield GXP (Grid Exit Point) project in serval years. This project is unique as it involves a shared site with Transpower, a leading player in the energy transmission sector. Connetics is responsible for designing and constructing the 66kV switch yard and building on the Orion side. Transpower's side of the site features robust 220kV switchyards and buildings.

Our present design for Norwood GXP's construction focuses on meeting the current requirements while also considering future expansion possibilities. The key design elements include:

  1. Two 66kV incomers from Transpower, ensuring a reliable power supply to the Norwood GXP site.
  2. Two 66kV feeders to efficiently distribute power to nearby areas.

While the current design satisfies the immediate needs of the Norwood GXP project, we have strategically planned to accommodate future expansion. The provision for future expansion includes:

  1. Seamless integration of five additional 66kV feeders, enabling increased capacity and flexibility as energy demands grow.
  2. Two 11kV transformer feeders, facilitating the distribution of power at a lower voltage level.

Norwood GXP represents Orion's commitment to sustainable and future-orientated energy solutions. This project leverages the expertise of our Substations Design Team to create a well-designed 66kV switchyard and build both on time and budget. Our design accounts for the current requirements while also providing a roadmap for future expansion. Norwood GXP sets the stage for a reliable and flexible energy infrastructure, positioning Orion and Connetics for long-term success in the dynamic energy landscape.

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