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At the forefront of lighting design and installation.

Our lighting design team is an independent consultant group with a breadth of experience that extends from multi-lane motorways with dedicated cycleways to precinct lighting, special feature amenity lighting, sports grounds and everything in-between.

We are leaders in LED solutions, and we were pivotal in the development of a list of approved LED luminaires for use in street lighting networks throughout New Zealand.

Our lighting team is aware of the impact lighting can have on a space and what a well-executed design can do to enhance it. Our talented lighting designers are skilled at fusing conventional lighting principles with cutting-edge technology, promoting the use of the most advanced energy-saving techniques while upholding function, aesthetics, and mood.

With extensive knowledge in both interior and exterior lighting design, we can guide you in selecting the right solutions for your project. Our expertise extends to the applications of light sources, enabling us to make informed decisions on what to choose and what to avoid, ensuring efficient and effective lighting design. We can offer detailed 3D modelling using lighting & engineering software i.e., Dialux Evo, Dialux, AGI32, and AutoCAD.

With extensive lighting product knowledge, expertise in light source applications, commitment to best practices, and proficiency in smart city solutions, we are well-equipped to handle diverse lighting projects.

Our specialised skills include:

  • Road lighting design
  • Exterior feature lighting
  • Interior/ Commercial Lighting design
  • Heritage Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Lighting audits & assessments
  • Lighting controls
  • Smart City solutions
  • Sports lighting design
  • Independent peer reviews
  • Special feature amenity lighting
  • Environmental impact reports
  • 3D modelling/lighting design