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Projects Hoon Hay switchboard replacement

Connetics upgraded Orion's 11kV oil-filled circuit breakers at Orion’s Hoon Hay Zone Substation to ABB Unigear 550 - a modern, vacuum insulated style of switchgear.

Connetics designed and constructed the upgrade, with almost every discipline across our Canterbury team involved in the project. It required civil modifications to the building structure, new 11kV incomers, modifications to the transformer cable box and protection commissioning. The protection scheme consisted of several new arc flash relays and a GE Multilin HardFiber System.

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In order to ensure security of the electricity supply to Orion’s customers, the project required a staged transition from the oil circuit breakers.

These modern vacuum circuit breakers are more stable than oil-filled circuit breakers and provide resiliency to Orion’s customers.

ABB switchgear